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  1. 1tour (of/round/around something) a journey made for pleasure during which several different towns, countries, etc. are visited a walking/sightseeing, etc. tour a bus tour of northern California a tour operator (= a person or company that organizes tours) Topic CollocationsTravel and Tourismvacations have/take a vacation/a break/a day off/a year off/time off go on/be on vacation/leave/honeymoon/safari/sabbatical/a trip/a tour/a cruise/a pilgrimage go backpacking/camping/sightseeing plan a trip/a vacation/your itinerary reserve a hotel room/a flight/tickets have/make/cancel a reservation rent a condo/a vacation home/a cabin rent a car/bicycle/moped/scooter/Jet Ski stay in a hotel/a bed and breakfast/a youth hostel/a villa/a trailer/a vacation home/a resort/a timeshare cost/charge $100 a/per night for a suite/a single/double/twin room check into/out of a hotel/a motel/your room pack/unpack your suitcase/bags call/order room service cancel/cut short a trip/vacationforeign travel apply for/get/renew a/your passport take out/buy/get travel insurance catch/miss your plane/train/ferry/connecting flight fly (in)/travel (in) first/business/economy class make/have a brief/two-day/twelve-hour layover/stopover in Hong Kong experience/cause/lead to delays check (in)/collect/get/lose your baggage/luggage be charged for/pay excess baggage fees board/get on/leave/get off the aircraft/plane/ship/ferry taxi down/leave/approach/hit/overshoot the runway experience/hit/encounter (mild/severe) turbulence suffer from/recover from/get over your jet lag/motion sickness be seasick/carsickthe tourist industry attract/draw/bring tourists/visitors encourage/promote/hurt tourism promote/develop ecotourism build/develop/visit a tourist/tropical/beach/ski resort work for/be operated by a major hotel chain be served by/compete with low-fare/low-cost/budget airlines use/go to/have a travel agent contact/check with your travel agent/tour operator buy/be on/go on a package deal/vacation/tour buy/bring back (tacky/overpriced) souvenirs see also package tour, whistle-stop Thesaurustripjourney tour commute expedition excursion outingThese are all words for an act of traveling to a place.trip an act of traveling from one place to another, and usually back again:a business trip a five-minute trip by taxijourney an act of traveling from one place to another, especially when they are far apart:a long and difficult journey across the mountainstrip or journey?A trip usually involves you going to a place and back again; a journey is usually one-way. A trip is often shorter than a journey, although it does not have to be:a trip to New York a round-the-world trip. It is often short in time, even if it is long in distance. Journey is more often used when the traveling takes a long time and is difficult.tour a journey made for pleasure during which several different places are visited:a tour of Californiacommute the regular trip that a person makes when they travel to work and back home again:a two-hour commute into downtown Washingtonexpedition an organized journey with a particular purpose, especially to find out about a place that is not well known:the first expedition to the South Poleexcursion a short trip made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people:We went on an all-day excursion to the island.outing a short trip made for pleasure or education, usually with a group of people and lasting no more than a day:My project team organized an afternoon outing to celebrate.Patterns an overseas trip/journey/tour/expedition a bus/train trip/journey/tour to go on a(n) trip/journey/tour/expedition/excursion/outing to set out/off on a(n) trip/journey/tour/expedition/excursion to take a(n) trip/journey/expedition/excursion
  2. 2an act of walking around a town, building, etc. in order to visit it We were given a guided tour (= by someone who knows about the place) of the State House. a tour guide a tour of inspection (= an official visit of a factory, classroom, etc. made by someone whose job is to check that everything is working as expected)
  3. 3an official series of visits made to different places by a sports team, an orchestra, an important person, etc. The band is currently on a nine-day tour of France. The band is on tour in France. a concert tour The Prince will visit Boston on the last leg (= part) of his American tour. The soldiers will do a six-month tour of duty in the Mideast.
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