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    , NAmE//trænsˈfər//
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they transfer
    he / she / it transfers
    past simple transferred
    -ing form transferring
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  1. 1[intransitive, transitive] to move from one place to another; to move something or someone from one place to another transfer (from…) (to…) The TV show is transferring its location from Los Angeles to New York. If I spend a semester in Madrid, will my credits transfer? transfer something/somebody (from…) (to…) How can I transfer money from my bank account to his? The patient was transferred to another hospital. I couldn't transfer all my credits from the community college.
  2. to new job/school/situation
  3. 2[intransitive, transitive] to move from one job, school, situation, etc. to another; to arrange for someone to move transfer (from…) (to…) He transferred to UCLA after his freshman year. transfer somebody (from…) (to…) Ten employees are being transferred from the sales department.
  4. feeling/disease/power
  5. 3[transitive, intransitive] transfer (something) (from…) (to…) if you transfer a feeling, a disease, or power, etc., or if it transfers from one person to another, the second person has it, often instead of the first Joe had already transferred his affections from Lisa to Cleo. After we moved, I felt obliged to transfer my loyalties to the local team. This disease is rarely transferred from mother to baby (= so that the baby has it as well as the mother).
  6. property
  7. 4[transitive] transfer something (to somebody) to officially arrange for something to belong to someone else or for someone else to control something synonym sign somethingover (to somebody) He transferred the property to his son.
  8. to new vehicle
  9. 5[intransitive, transitive] to change to a different vehicle during a trip; to arrange for someone to change to a different vehicle during a trip transfer (from…) (to…) We transferred from the train to a bus at the Canadian border. transfer somebody (from…) (to…) Hotel guests will be transferred from the airport to the hotel by van.
  10. information/music, etc.
  11. 6[transitive, intransitive] to copy information, music, an idea, etc. from one method of recording or presenting it to another; to be recorded or presented in a different way transfer something (from something) (to something) You can transfer data to a memory stick in a few seconds. transfer (from something) (to something) The novel does not transfer well to the screen.
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