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    change of place/job/situation
  1. 1[uncountable, countable] the act of moving someone or something from one place, group, or job to another; an occasion when this happens electronic data transfer the transfer of currency from one country to another He has asked for a transfer to the company's Minneapolis branch. After the election there was a swift transfer of power. see also cash transfer
  2. change of vehicle
  3. 2[uncountable, countable] an act of changing to a different place, vehicle, or route when you are traveling The transfer from the airport to the hotel is included in the price.
  4. train/bus ticket
  5. 3[countable] a ticket that allows a passenger to continue their trip on another bus or train
  6. picture
  7. 4[countable] = decal
  8. psychology
  9. 5[uncountable] (psychology) the process of using behavior that has already been learned in one situation in a new situation see also language transfer
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