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    something to cheat someone
  1. 1something that you do to make someone believe something that is not true, or to annoy someone as a joke They had to think of a trick to get past the guards. The kids are always playing tricks on their teacher. see also dirty trick
  2. something confusing
  3. 2something that confuses you so that you see, understand, remember, etc. things in the wrong way One of the problems of aging is that your memory can start to play tricks on you. Was there someone standing there, or was it a trick of the light?
  4. entertainment
  5. 3a skillful action that someone or something performs as a way of entertaining people He amused the kids with conjuring tricks. a card trick see also hat trick
  6. good method
  7. 4[usually singular] a way of doing something that works well; a good method The trick is to pick the animal up by the back of its neck. He used the old trick of attacking in order to defend himself.
  8. in card games
  9. 5the cards that you play or win in a single part of a card game I won six tricks in a row.
  10. Idioms
    a bag of tricks (informal)
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    a set of methods or equipment that someone can use Hotel managers are using a whole new bag of tricks to attract guests.
    be up to your (old) tricks (informal) (disapproving)
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    to be behaving in the same bad way as before Soon he had spent all the money and was up to his old tricks.
    do the trick (informal)
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    to succeed in solving a problem or achieving a particular result I don't know what it was that did the trick, but I am definitely feeling much better.
    every trick in the book
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    every available method, whether it is honest or not He'll use every trick in the book to keep you from winning.
    have a trick, some more tricks, etc. up your sleeve
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    to have an idea, some plans, etc. that you keep ready to use if it becomes necessary
    he, she, etc. doesn't miss a trick (informal)
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    used to say that someone notices every opportunity to gain an advantage
    (you can't) teach an old dog new tricks (saying)
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    (you cannot) successfully make people change their ideas, methods of work, etc., when they have had them for a long time
    the tricks of the trade
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    skillful ways of doing things that are known and used by people who do a particular job or activity
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