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    , NAmE//ʌnˈkʌmfərt̮əbl//
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  1. 1(of clothes, furniture, etc.) not letting you feel physically comfortable; unpleasant to wear, sit on, etc. uncomfortable shoes I couldn't sleep because the bed was so uncomfortable. opposite comfortable
  2. 2not feeling physically relaxed, warm, etc. I was sitting in an extremely uncomfortable position. She still finds it uncomfortable to stand without support. opposite comfortable
  3. 3anxious, embarrassed, or afraid and unable to relax; making you feel like this He looked distinctly uncomfortable when the subject was mentioned. There was an uncomfortable silence. opposite comfortable
  4. 4unpleasant or difficult to deal with an uncomfortable fact I had the uncomfortable feeling that it was my fault. Her letter was an uncomfortable reminder of responsibilities I preferred to forget about.
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