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  1. 1not of an acceptable standard; not suitable unfit (for something) The housing was unfit for human habitation. The food on offer was unfit for human consumption. unfit (to eat, drink, live in, etc.) This water is unfit to drink. Most of the buildings are unfit to live in. unfit (to do something) They described him as unfit to govern. (technology) Many of the houses were condemned as unfit. (technology) The court claims she is an unfit mother.
  2. 2not capable of doing something, for example because of illness unfit for something He's still unfit for work. unfit to do something The company's doctor found that she was unfit to carry out her normal work.
  3. 3(of a person) not in good physical condition; not fit, because you have not taken exercise Wilson reported to training camp overweight and unfit. opposite fit
noun [uncountable]
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