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  1. 1being the only one of its kind Everyone's fingerprints are unique. You can use absolutely, totally, or almost with unique in this meaning.
  2. 2very special or unusual a unique talent The preview offers a unique opportunity to see the show without the crowds. The deal will put the company in a unique position to export goods to Asia. You can use more, very, etc. with unique in this meaning.
  3. 3unique (to somebody/something) belonging to or connected with one particular person, place, or thing an atmosphere that is unique to New York The koala is unique to Australia.
adverb Her past experience made her uniquely suited to lead the campaign. The U.K., uniquely, has not had to face the problem of mass unemployment. He was a uniquely gifted teacher.
noun [uncountable] The author stresses the uniqueness of the individual.
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