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    , NAmE//ˈvælyuəbl//
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  1. 1valuable (to somebody/something) very useful or important a valuable experience The book provides valuable information on recent trends. This advice was to prove valuable. Spinach is a valuable source of iron.
  2. 2worth a lot of money valuable antiques Luckily, nothing valuable was stolen. My home is my most valuable asset. opposite valueless, worthless compare invaluable, priceless
  3. Thesaurusvaluableprecious priceless irreplaceableThese words all describe something that is worth a lot of money or is very important to someone.valuable worth a lot of money:The thieves took three pieces of valuable jewelry.precious rare and worth a lot of money; loved or valued very much:a precious Chinese vase, valued at half a million dollars precious memories of our time togetherpriceless extremely valuable; loved or valued very much:a priceless collection of antiquesirreplaceable too valuable or special to be replacedPatterns valuable/precious/priceless/irreplaceable possessions valuable/precious/priceless antiques/jewels/jewelryWord Familyvalue noun verbvaluable adjectiveinvaluable adjective (valueless)valuables noun
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