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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they value
    he / she / it values
    past simple valued
    -ing form valuing
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    consider important
  1. 1(not used in the progressive tenses) to think that someone or something is important value somebody/something (as something) I really value him as a friend. value somebody/something (for something) The area is valued for its vineyards. a valued member of the staff They don't seem to value honesty very highly.
  2. decide worth
  3. 2[usually passive] value something (at something) to decide that something is worth a particular amount of money The property has been valued at over $2 million.
  4. Word Familyvalue noun verbvaluable adjectiveinvaluable adjective (valueless)valuables nounvalue noun verbvaluable adjectiveinvaluable adjective (valueless)valuables noun
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