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    (pl. videos)
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  1. 1(also videotape) [uncountable, countable] a type of magnetic tape used for recording television pictures and sound; a box containing this tape, also called avideo cassette The movie was released on video almost immediately. Do we have a blank video?
  2. 2[countable] a copy of a movie, program, etc. that is recorded on videotape a video of “ET” a home video (= not a professional one) a video store
  3. 3[uncountable] the process of recording and showing movies and programs using a special camera and a television set A wedding is the perfect subject for video. the use of video in schools
  4. 4(also music video) [countable] a short film made by a pop or rock band to be shown with a song when it is played on television
  5. 5(also video clip) [countable] a short film or recording of an event, made using digital technology and viewed on a computer, especially over the Internet The school made a short promotional video. Upload your videos and share them with friends and family online.