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    on/in vehicles
  1. 1[countable] one of the round objects under a car, bicycle, bus, etc. that turns when it moves He braked suddenly, causing the front wheels to skid. One of the boys was pushing the other along in a little box on wheels. She was killed when she was crushed under the wheels of a bus.
  2. 2[countable, usually singular] the round object used to steer a car, etc. or ship This is the first time I've sat behind the wheel since the accident. A car swept past with Laura at the wheel. Do you want to take the wheel (= drive) now? see also helm, steering wheel
  3. 3wheels [plural] (informal) a car At last he had his own wheels.
  4. in machine
  5. 4[countable] a flat, round part in a machine gear wheels see also cartwheel, Ferris wheel, mill wheel, spinning wheel, waterwheel
  6. organization/system
  7. 5wheels [plural] wheel (of something) an organization or a system that seems to work like a complicated machine that is difficult to understand the wheels of bureaucracy/commerce/government, etc. It was Rob's idea. I merely set the wheels in motion (= started the process).
  8. -wheeler
  9. 6(in nouns) a car, bicycle, etc. with the number of wheels mentioned a three-wheeler
  10. Idioms
    a cog in the machine/wheel (informal)
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    a person who is a small part of a large organization
    grease the wheels
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    to help something to happen easily and without problems, especially in business or politics
    put your shoulder to the wheel
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    to start working very hard at a particular task Everyone is going to have to put their shoulder to the wheel.
    reinvent the wheel
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    to waste time creating something that already exists and works well There's no point in us reinventing the wheel.
    wheels within wheels
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    a situation which is difficult to understand because it involves complicated or secret processes and decisions There are wheels within wheels in this organization—you never really know what is going on.
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