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    , NAmE//wən//
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  1. 1at or during the time that I loved history when I was at school.
  2. 2after Call me when you've finished.
  3. 3at any time that; whenever Can you spare five minutes when it's convenient?
  4. 4just after which He had just drifted off to sleep when the phone rang.
  5. 5considering that How can they expect to learn anything when they never listen?
  6. 6although She claimed to be 18, when I know she's only 16.
  7. Idioms
    as and when
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    used to say that something may happen at some time in the future, but only when something else has happened We'll decide on the team as and when we qualify. I'll tell you more as and when (= as soon as I can).
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