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  1. 1a small metal or plastic tube that you blow to make a loud, high sound, used to attract attention or as a signal The referee finally blew the whistle to stop the game. see also tin whistle
  2. 2the sound made by blowing a whistle He scored the winning goal just seconds before the final whistle.
  3. 3the sound that you make by forcing your breath out when your lips are closed a shrill whistle He gave a low long whistle of surprise. see also wolf whistle
  4. 4the high, loud sound produced by air or steam being forced through a small opening, or by something moving quickly through the air the whistle of a boiling kettle the whistle of a bullet
  5. 5a piece of equipment that makes a high, loud sound when air or steam is forced through it The train whistle blew as we left the station. a factory whistle
  6. Idioms
    as clean as a whistle (informal)
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    very clean
    blow the whistle on somebody/something (informal)
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    to tell someone in authority about something wrong or illegal that someone is doing
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