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  1. 1used in questions to ask about the name, identity, or function of one or more people Who is that woman? I wonder who that letter was from. Who are you calling? Who's the money for?
  2. 2used to show which person or people you mean The people who called yesterday want to buy the house. The people who we met on vacation have sent us a card.
  3. 3used to give more information about someone Mrs. Smith, who has a lot of teaching experience at all grade levels, will be joining the school in September. And then Mary, who we had been talking about earlier, walked in. compare whom
  4. Idioms
    who am I, who are you, etc. to do something?
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    used to ask what right or authority someone has to do something Who are you to tell me I can't park here?
    people's names, jobs, status, etc. You'll soon find out who's who in the office.
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