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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they wire
    he / she / it wires
    past simple wired
    -ing form wiring
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  1. 1wire something (up) to connect a building, piece of equipment, etc. to an electricity supply using wires Make sure the plug is wired up correctly.
  2. 2wire somebody/something up (to something) wire somebody/something to something to connect someone or something to a piece of equipment, especially a tape recorder or computer system He was wired up to a police tape recorder. The microphone was wired to a loudspeaker.
  3. 3wire something (for something) to put a special device somewhere in order to listen secretly to other people's conversations synonym bug The room had been wired for sound.
  4. 4to send someone a message by telegram wire something (to somebody) He wired the news to us. wire somebody (something) He wired us the news.
  5. 5to send money from one bank to another using an electronic system wire something (to somebody) The bank wired the money to her. wire somebody something The bank wired her the money.
  6. 6wire something to join things together using wire
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