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  1. 1(comparative of badly)
  2. 2worse (than something) less well I didn't do it very well, but, if anything, he did it worse than I did.
  3. 3worse (than something) more seriously or severely It's raining worse than ever.
  4. 4worse (than something) used to introduce a statement about something that is more serious or unpleasant than things already mentioned She lost her job. Even worse, she lost her house and her children, too.
  5. Idioms
    be worse off (than somebody/something)
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    to be poorer, unhappier, etc. than before or than someone else The increase in taxes means that we'll be $30 a month worse off than before. I only broke my arm; other people are far worse off than me.
    you can/could do worse than do something
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    used to say that you think something is a good idea If you want a safe investment, you could do a lot worse than putting your money in bonds.
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