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    (worthier, worthiest)
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  1. 1worthy (of somebody/something) (formal) having the qualities that deserve someone or something to be worthy of attention A number of the report's findings are worthy of note. No composer was considered worthy of the name until he had written an opera. a worthy champion (= one who deserved to win) He felt he was not worthy of her. opposite unworthy
  2. 2[usually before noun] having qualities that deserve your respect, attention, or admiration synonym deserving The money we raise will be going to a very worthy cause. a worthy member of the team
  3. 3having good qualities but not very interesting or exciting her worthy but dull husband
  4. 4worthy of somebody/something typical of what a particular person or thing might do, give, etc. He gave a speech that was worthy of Martin Luther King.
  5. 5-worthy (in compounds) deserving, or suitable for, the thing mentioned trustworthy roadworthy
  6. NAmE//ˈwərðəli//
  7. NAmE//ˈwərðinəs//
    noun [uncountable]
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