Definition of again adverb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; əˈɡen
; əˈɡeɪn
1 one more time; on another occasionCould you say it again, please?When will I see you again?This must never happen again.Once again(= as had happened several times before), the train was late.I've told you again and again(= many times) not to do that.I'll have to write it all over again(= again from the beginning).2 showing that somebody/something is in the same place or state that they were in originallyHe was glad to be home again.She spends two hours a day getting to work and back again.You'll soon feel well again.3 added to an amount that is already thereThe cost is about half as much again as it was two years ago.I'd like the same again(= the same amount or the same thing).4 used to show that a comment or fact is connected with what you have just saidAnd again, we must think of the cost.5 then/there again used to introduce a fact or an opinion that contrasts with what you have just saidWe might buy it but then again we might not.6 used when you ask somebody to tell you something or repeat something that you think they have told you alreadyWhat was the name again?
(every) now and again/then at now adverb
, (the) same again at same pron., time and (time) again at time n.