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BrE BrE//ˈæmbjələns//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈæmbjələns//
Hospitals, Types of vehicle
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a vehicle with special equipment, used for taking sick or injured people to a hospital the ambulance service ambulance staff Call an ambulance! See related entries: Hospitals, Types of vehicle Wordfinderaccident, ambulance, casualty, first aid, hospital, injure, paramedic, stretcher, victim, witness Word Origin early 19th cent.: French, from hôpital ambulant ‘mobile (horse-drawn) field hospital’, from Latin ambulant- ‘walking’, from ambulare.Extra examples An ambulance was sent to the scene of the accident. Don’t worry—the ambulance is on its way. He had to be flown by air ambulance to a Las Vegas hospital. He was put into an ambulance and taken away. He went in the ambulance with Lizzy. Her attorney is nothing more then an ambulance chaser. I was put straight into a waiting ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Quick, call an ambulance! She was rushed to hospital by air ambulance. When the ambulance came, I carried her out to it. the region’s three ambulance trusts
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