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    BrE BrE//əˈpɑːtmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈpɑːrtmənt//
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  1. 1   (especially North American English) a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a building CollocationsMoving house Renting live in a rented/(especially North American English) rental property rent/​share/​move into a furnished house/(British English) flat/(especially North American English) apartment rent a studio/(British English) a studio flat/(especially North American English) a studio apartment/(British English) a bedsit find/​get a housemate/(British English) a flatmate/(North American English) a roommate sign/​break the lease/​rental agreement/​contract extend/​renew/​terminate the lease/(British English) tenancy afford/​pay the rent/​the bills/(North American English) the utilities (especially British English) fall behind with/ (especially North American English) fall behind on the rent pay/​lose/​return a damage deposit/(North American English) security deposit give/​receive a month’s/​two-weeks’ notice to leave/​vacate the propertyBeing a landlord have a flat/​apartment/​room (British English) to let/(especially North American English) for rent rent (out)/lease (out)/ (British English) let (out)/sublet a flat/​apartment/​house/​property collect/​increase/​raise the rent evict the existing tenants attract/​find new/​prospective tenants invest in rental property/(British English) property to let/(British English) the buy-to-let marketBuying buy/​acquire/​purchase a house/(a) property/(especially North American English) (a piece of) prime real estate call/​contact/​use (British English) an estate agent/(North American English) a Realtor™/(North American English) a real estate agent/​broker make/ (British English) put in an offer on a house put down/​save for (British English) a deposit on a house make/​put/​save for (especially North American English) a down payment on a house/​home apply for/​arrange/​take out a mortgage/​home loan (struggle to) pay the mortgage make/​meet/​keep up/​cover the monthly mortgage payments/(British English also) repayments (British English) repossess/ (especially North American English) foreclose on somebody’s home/​houseSelling put your house/​property on the market/​up for sale/​up for auction increase/​lower your price/​the asking price have/​hold/​hand over the deed/(especially British English) deeds of/​to the house, land, etc. compare condominium, flat See related entries: Types of home
  2. 2   a set of rooms used for a holiday/vacation self-catering holiday apartments
  3. 3 [usually plural] (British English) a room in a house, especially a large or famous house You can visit the whole palace except for the private apartments.
  4. Word Originmid 17th cent. (denoting a private suite of rooms): from French appartement, from Italian appartamento, from appartare ‘to separate’, from a parte ‘apart’.Extra examples Apartment dwellers can participate in community gardens. Colin lives in a dingy one-room apartment with his pet turtles. I share an apartment with two friends. I’m looking for an apartment on the east side of the city. Larger cities have many high-rise apartments. We will be renting the apartment for a year. high-rise apartment blocks the people who live in the upstairs apartment the private apartments of the imperial family Finding an apartment in any city can be a difficult task. Our self-catering apartments are located just a minute’s walk from the beach. an apartment building
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