Definition of appearance noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; əˈpɪrəns

way something looks/seems

1 [countable, uncountable] the way that somebody/something looks on the outside; what somebody/something seems to bethe physical/outward/external appearance of somethingShe had never been greatly concerned about her appearance.The dog was similar in general appearance to a spaniel.He gave every appearance of(= seemed very much to be) enjoying himself.Judging by appearances can be misleading.To all appearances(= as far as people could tell) he was dead.When she lost all her money, she was determined to keep up appearances(= hide the true situation and pretend that everything was going well).

somebody/something arriving

2 [countable, usually singular] the fact of somebody/something arriving, especially when it is not expectedThe sudden appearance of a security guard caused them to drop the money and run.I don't want to go to the party, but I suppose I'd better put in an appearance(= go there for a short time).3 [countable, usually singular] the moment at which something begins to exist or starts to be seen or usedthe early appearance of daffodils in springthe appearance of organic vegetables in the supermarkets

in public

4 [countable] an act of appearing in public, especially as a performer, politician, etc, or in courtThe Dutch player will make his first appearance for Liverpool this Saturday.The singer's first public appearance was at the age of eight.the defendant's appearance in court

being published/broadcast

5 [countable, usually singular] an act of being published or broadcastthe appearance of claims about the minister's private life in the press