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    BrE BrE//əˈreɪndʒmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈreɪndʒmənt//
    Pieces of music
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  1. 1  [countable, usually plural] a plan or preparation that you make so that something can happen travel arrangements arrangement for something I'll make arrangements for you to be met at the airport.
  2. 2  [countable, usually plural] the way things are done or organized She's happy with her unusual living arrangements. new security arrangements There are special arrangements for people working overseas.
  3. 3  [countable, uncountable] an agreement that you make with somebody that you can both accept We can come to an arrangement over the price. arrangement between A and B an arrangement between the school and the parents arrangement with somebody (to do something) Guided tours are available by prior arrangement with the museum. arrangement that… They had an arrangement that the children would spend two weeks with each parent.
  4. 4  [countable, uncountable] a group of things that are organized or placed in a particular order or position; the act of placing things in a particular order plans of the possible seating arrangements the art of flower arrangement
  5. 5 [countable, uncountable] a piece of music that has been changed, for example for another instrument to play See related entries: Pieces of music
  6. Extra examples A tour of the theatre is available by prior arrangement. All her careful arrangements had been upset! Arrangements for the funeral are complete. Arrangements for the trip have now been completed. As far as I know the arrangement still stands. Even the physical arrangement of the classroom can influence the way children learn. Flexible working arrangements are catching on. He finally came to an arrangement with his landlord. I have made arrangements with the shop for the goods to be delivered here. It may be necessary to make alternative arrangements. It’s purely a business arrangement—there’s no need to get emotionally involved. Joint custody arrangements do not work for all parents. She made an arrangement with her employer whereby she worked a reduced number of hours. The catering arrangements for the conference fell through at the last minute. The catering arrangements for the conference have fallen through. The company has a special arrangement with the bank. The couple have an arrangement by which they each contribute equally to the cost of the house. Their domestic arrangements were considered unconventional at the time. Under this arrangement you can pay for the goods over a longer period. Viewing of the property is only possible by arrangement with the owner. We are just discussing the final arrangements for the concert. We’ll have to change our travel arrangements. Who did this beautiful flower arrangement? a complex arrangement of rods and cogs an arrangement between the two men All our careful arrangements had fallen through. Has the seating arrangement been worked out yet? Have you finalized your travel arrangements yet? He was making the final arrangements for the trip. I made arrangements for him to be met at the airport. I’ll leave the practical arrangements to you. My parents were busy making last-minute arrangements for the wedding. She’s taking a class in flower arrangement. The room was laid out in a traditional arrangement. We’ll let you know when we have completed the arrangements for delivery. You can change the arrangement of the furniture if you want.
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