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Phrasal Verbs

    bail out (of something)

    (British English also bale out (of something))
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  1. 1to jump out of a plane that is going to crash The pilot bailed out and parachuted into the sea. See related entries: Plane travel
  2. 2to escape from a situation that you no longer want to be involved in I'd understand if you wanted to bail out of this relationship.

bail out


bail (something)out

(also (British English also)bale out, bale (something)out)
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to empty water from something by lifting it out with your hand or a container He had to stop rowing to bail water out of the boat. The boat will sink unless we bail out. See related entries: Travelling by boat or ship
to pay somebody’s bail for them

bail somebodyout (of something)

(British English also bale somebodyout (of something))
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to rescue somebody from a difficult situation The government had to bail the company out of financial difficulty. Ryan's late goal bailed out his team. Synonymssaverescue bail out redeemThese words all mean to prevent somebody/​something from dying, losing something, being harmed or embarrassed.save to prevent somebody/​something from dying, being harmed or destroyed or losing something:Doctors were unable to save him. a campaign to save the panda from extinctionrescue to save somebody/​something from a dangerous or harmful situation:They were rescued by a passing cruise ship.bail somebody out to rescue somebody/​something from a difficult situation, especially by providing money:Don’t expect me to bail you out if it all goes wrong.redeem (formal, religion) to save somebody from the power of evil:He was a sinner, redeemed by the grace of God. Redeem is also used in non-religious language in the phrase redeem a situation, which means to prevent a situation from being as bad as it might be.Patterns to save/​rescue/​redeem somebody/​something from something to save/​rescue/​redeem a situation to save/​redeem sinners/​mankind to rescue somebody/​bail somebody out financially
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