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BrE BrE//bæn//
; NAmE NAmE//bæn//
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 ban (on something) an official rule that says that something is not allowed There is to be a total ban on smoking in the office. to impose/lift a ban Word OriginOld English bannan ‘summon by a public proclamation’, of Germanic origin, reinforced by Old Norse banna ‘curse, prohibit’; the noun is partly from Old French ban ‘proclamation, summons, banishment’.Extra examples The ban on exports has now been eased. The ban only covers tropical hardwood. The ban will affect all public and work premises. The students took to the streets, defying a ban on political gatherings. They have imposed a ban on the import of seal skins. a ban on smoking in public places a ban on traffic in the town centre a blanket advertising ban on tobacco a nuclear test ban treaty He faces a possible life ban from international football. Hopes are growing for a lifting of the import ban. She was given a five-year driving ban. The EU has imposed a blanket ban on tobacco advertising. The sprinter received a lengthy ban for failing a drugs test.
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