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    BrE BrE//baɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//baɪt//
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    using teeth
  1. 1  [countable] an act of biting The dog gave me a playful bite.
  2. 2[countable, usually singular] the way the upper and lower teeth fit together He has to wear a brace to correct his bite.
  3. food
  4. 3  [countable] a small piece of food that you can bite from a larger piece She took a couple of bites of the sandwich. He didn't eat a bite of his dinner (= he ate nothing).
  5. 4a bite (to eat) [singular] (informal) a small amount of food; a small meal How about a bite of lunch? We just have time for a bite to eat before the movie.
  6. of insect/animal
  7. 5  [countable] a wound made by an animal or insect Dog bites can get infected. a mosquito/snake bite
  8. strong taste
  9. 6[uncountable] a pleasant strong taste Cheese will add extra bite to any pasta dish.
  10. cold
  11. 7[singular] a sharp cold feeling There's a bite in the air tonight.
  12. powerful effect
  13. 8[uncountable] a quality that makes something effective or powerful The performance had no bite to it. The sun had lost some of its bite by then.
  14. of fish
  15. 9[countable] the act of a fish biting food on a hook The fishermen waited all afternoon for a bite.
  16. see also frostbite, love bite, sound bite
    Word OriginOld English bītan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bijten and German beissen.Extra examples I got a lot of mosquito bites last night. I took a bite from the apple. She took a bite out of the slab of cake. She tried to talk between bites. We managed to grab a bite at the airport. We managed to grab a bite at the theatre before the show started. We’ll have a bite to eat in town. a bite from a poisonous snake a quick bite of lunch She took a huge bite out of the chocolate bar.Idioms
    somebody’s bark is worse than their bite
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    (informal) used to say that somebody is not really as angry or as aggressive as they sound
    a bite at/of the cherry
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    (British English) an opportunity to do something You only get one bite at the cherry in life. They were eager for a second bite of the cherry.
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