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    BrE BrE//blænd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//blænd//
    (blander, blandest) Taste of food
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  1. 1with little colour, excitement or interest; without anything to attract attention synonym nondescript bland background music
  2. 2not having a strong or interesting taste a rather bland diet of soup, fish and bread CollocationsRestaurantsEating out eat (lunch/​dinner)/dine/​meet at/​in a restaurant go (out)/take somebody (out) for lunch/​dinner/​a meal have a meal with somebody make/​have a reservation (in/​under the name of Yamada) reserve/ (especially British English) book a table for six ask for/​request a table for two/​a table by the windowIn the restaurant wait to be seated show somebody to their table sit in the corner/​by the window/​at the bar/​at the counter hand somebody/​give somebody the menu/​wine list open/​read/​study/​peruse the menu the restaurant has a three-course set menu/​a children’s menu/​an extensive wine list taste/​sample/​try the wine the waiter takes your order order/​choose/​have the soup of the day/​one of the specials/​the house (British English) speciality/(especially North American English) specialty serve/​finish the first course/​the starter/​the main course/​dessert/​coffee complain about the food/​the service/​your meal enjoy your mealPaying pay/​ask for (especially British English) the bill/(North American English) the check pay for/​treat somebody to dinner/​lunch/​the meal service is (not) included give somebody/​leave (somebody) a tip See related entries: Taste of food
  3. 3showing no strong emotions or excitement; not saying anything very interesting a bland smile After the meeting, a bland statement was issued.
  4. Word Origin late Middle English (in the sense ‘gentle in manner’): from Latin blandus ‘soft, smooth’.Extra examples He stared back at her with a bland expression. He was criticized for his bland image. The old town hall was replaced with a bland, glass-and-steel office building. The state-run television interrupted its usual bland fare for spicy, live interviews. They lived on a bland diet of soup and bread. This sauce is rather bland.
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