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BrE BrE//blaɪnd//
; NAmE NAmE//blaɪnd//
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  • (in connection with flying) without being able to see; using instruments only Which Word?blind / blindly There are two adverbs that come from the adjective blind. Blindly means ‘not being able to see what you are doing’ or ‘not thinking about something’. The adverb blind is mainly used in the context of flying and means ‘without being able to see’, ‘using instruments only’.
  • Word OriginOld English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German blind.Idioms extremely drunk (informal) to cheat or trick somebody so that they lose a lot of money You can’t trust them. They’ll rob you blind as soon as your back is turned. (informal) to say that something is definitely true He swore blind that he’d already paid back the money he owed me.
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