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    BrE BrE//blʌd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//blʌd//
    Internal anatomy, Family background
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  1. 1   [uncountable] the red liquid that flows through the bodies of humans and animals He lost a lot of blood in the accident. Blood was pouring out of a cut on her head. to give blood (= to have blood taken from you so that it can be used in the medical treatment of other people) to draw blood (= to wound a person so that they lose blood) a blood cell/sample the blood supply to the brain dried blood See related entries: Internal anatomy
  2. 2-blooded (in adjectives) having the type of blood mentioned cold-blooded reptiles see also blue-blooded, hot-blooded, red-blooded More Like This Compound adjectives for physical characteristics -beaked, -bellied, -billed, -blooded, -bodied, -cheeked, -chested, -eared, -eyed, -faced, -fingered, -footed, -haired, -handed, -headed, -hearted, -hipped, -lidded, -limbed, -mouthed, -necked, -nosed, -skinned, -tailed, -throated, -toothedSee worksheet.
  3. 3[uncountable] (formal) family origins She is of noble blood. There is some Polish blood on his father's side. See related entries: Family background
  4. 4[countable] (old-fashioned, British English) a rich and fashionable man a young blood
  5. Word OriginOld English blōd, of Germanic origin; related to German Blut and Dutch bloed.Extra examples Blood oozed slowly from the corner of his mouth. Blood spattered the seats of the vehicle. Dried blood caked his hands. He choked on his own blood after being shot in the throat. He rubbed his limbs vigorously to get the blood circulating. He shot them in cold blood. He was a hot-headed warrior, always too quick to shed blood. He was lying on the floor, covered in blood. He worked to remove all traces of blood. Her white blood cell count is slightly elevated. His shirt was soaked in blood. I doubt if I have a single drop of aristocratic blood in my veins. I felt the blood coursing in my veins as I ran. My handkerchief was soaked in blood from my nose. Our blood ran cold at the thought of how easily we could have been killed. Samples of blood were drawn using sterile syringes. She’d lost a lot of blood and doctors decided to do a transfusion. The blood drained from his face when I told him the news. The blood drummed in her ears. The blood rushed to her face as she realized her error. The blood spread rapidly from where he lay. The body lay in a pool of blood. The dog’s fur was caked in blood when we found him. The heart pumps blood around the body. The hospital appealed for more people to donate blood. There was blood smeared down his shirt. Traces of an illegal substance were found in his blood. What blood group are you? What blood type do you have? animals with warm blood There is some Polish blood on his father’s side.Idioms
    bad blood (between A and B)
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    (old-fashioned) feelings of hatred or strong dislike
    be after/out for somebody’s blood
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    (informal, often humorous) to be angry with somebody and want to hurt or punish them See related entries: Anger
    to be a natural part of your character and of the character of other members of your family
    blood is thicker than water
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    (saying) family relationships are stronger than any others
    somebody’s blood is up
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    (British English) somebody is very angry and ready to argue or fight See related entries: Anger
    very hard work; a lot of effort The only way to succeed is through old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears. when you say that somebody is flesh and blood, you mean that they are a normal human with needs, emotions and weaknesses Listening to the cries was more than flesh and blood could stand.
    your (own) flesh and blood
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    a person that you are related to You can’t do that to your own flesh and blood!
    freeze your blood, make your blood freeze
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    to make you extremely frightened or shocked See related entries: Fear
    have somebody’s blood on your hands
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    to be responsible for somebody’s death a dictator with the blood of thousands on his hands
    acting in a way that is deliberately cruel; with no pity to kill somebody in cold blood
    like getting blood out of/from a stone
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    almost impossible to obtain Getting an apology from him was like getting blood from a stone.
    make somebody’s blood boil
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    to make somebody extremely angry The way he treats his employees really makes my blood boil. See related entries: Anger
    make somebody’s blood run cold
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    to make somebody very frightened or fill them with horror The sound of laughter in the empty house made my blood run cold. See related entries: Fear
    new members or employees, especially young ones, with new ideas or ways of doing things This company badly needs to bring in some new blood.
    spill (somebody’s) blood
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    (formal or literary) to kill or wound people Nothing can justify spilling innocent blood.
    to show that you are very angry; to speak in an angry way She looked at him with eyes that spat venom. to make somebody excited See related entries: Excitement (informal) to work very hard I sweated blood to get everything ready in time.