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    BrE BrE//ˈbluːprɪnt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈbluːprɪnt//
    Construction, Structures, Genetic engineering, How machines work
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  1. 1a photographic print of a plan for a building or a machine, with white lines on a blue background blueprints of a new aircraft See related entries: Construction, Structures, How machines work
  2. 2blueprint (for something) a plan which shows what can be achieved and how it can be achieved a blueprint for the privatization of health care
  3. 3(specialist) the pattern in every living cell, which decides how the plant, animal or person will develop and what it will look like DNA carries the genetic blueprint which tells any organism how to build itself. See related entries: Genetic engineering
  4. Word Originlate 19th cent.: from the original process in which prints were composed of white lines on a blue ground or of blue lines on a white ground.Extra examples The charter should serve as a blueprint for cooperation. The government does not have a blueprint for reform. a blueprint for change The blueprint showed plans for an underground nuclear shelter. The government has published a blueprint for an integrated transport system. The watch was designed according to a 19th century blueprint. They see the device as the blueprint for all future chip design.
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