Definition of born verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; bɔːrn
be born (used only in the passive, without by)1 (abbr. b.) to come out of your mother's body at the beginning of your lifeI was born in 1976.He was born in a small village in northern Spain.She was born with a weak heart.born into something She was born into a very musical family.born of/to somebody He was born of/to German parents.+ adjective Her brother was born blind(= was blind when he was born).+ noun John Wayne was born Marion Michael Morrison (= that was his name at birth).2 (of an idea, an organization, a feeling, etc.) to start to existthe city where the protest movement was bornborn (out) of something She acted with a courage born (out) of desperation.3 -born (in compounds) born in the order, way, place, etc. mentionedfirstbornnobly-bornFrench-born see also newborn

be born to be/do something

to have something as your destiny (= what is certain to happen to you) from birth
He was born to be a great composer.

born and bred

born and having grown up in a particular place with a particular background and education
He was born and bred in Boston.I'm a Londoner, born and bred.

born with a silver spoon in your mouth

(saying) having rich parents

in all my born days

(old-fashioned, informal) used when you are very surprised at something you have never heard or seen beforeI've never heard such nonsense in all my born days.

not be born yesterday

(informal) used to say that you are not stupid enough to believe what somebody is telling youOh yeah? I wasn't born yesterday, you know.

there's one born every minute

(saying) used to say that somebody is very stupid
more at not know you are born at know v., to the manner born at manner, be/be born/be made that/this way at way n.Usage noteUsage note: The ages of lifeChildhood/youthbe born and raised/bred in Oxford; into a wealthy/middle-class familyhave a happy/an unhappy/a tough childhoodgrow up in a musical family/an orphanage; on a farmbe/grow up an only child (= with no brothers or sisters)reach/hit/enter/go through adolescence/pubertybe in your teens/early twenties/mid-twenties/late twentiesundergo/experience physical/psychological changesgive in to/succumb to/resist peer pressureassert your independence/individualityAdulthoodleave school/university/homego out to work (at sixteen)get/find a job/partnerbe/get engaged/marriedhave/get a wife/husband/mortgage/steady jobsettle down and have kids/children/a familybegin/start/launch/build a career (in politics/science/the music industry)prove (to be)/represent/mark/reach a (major) turning point for somebody/in your life/careerreach/be well into/settle into middle agehave/suffer/go through a midlife crisistake/consider early retirementapproach/announce/enjoy your retirementOld agehave/see/spend time with your grandchildrentake up/pursue/develop a hobbyget/receive/draw/collect/live on a pensionapproach/save for/die from old agelive to a ripe old agereach the grand old age of 102/23 (often ironic)be/become/be getting/be going senile (often ironic)die (peacefully)/pass away in your sleep/after a brief illness