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    BrE BrE//bruːz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//bruːz//
    Injuries, Skin
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  1. 1a blue, brown or purple mark that appears on the skin after somebody has fallen, been hit, etc. to be covered in bruises cuts and bruises a huge bruise over his eye Synonymsinjurewound hurt bruise sprain pull strainThese words all mean to harm yourself or somebody else physically, especially in an accident.injure to harm yourself or somebody else physically, especially in an accident:He injured his knee playing hockey. Three people were injured in the crash.wound [often passive] (rather formal) to injure part of the body, especially by making a hole in the skin using a weapon:50 people were seriously wounded in the attack. Wound is often used to talk about people being hurt in war or in other attacks which affect a lot of people.hurt to cause physical pain to somebody/​yourself; to injure somebody/​yourself:Did you hurt yourself?injure or hurt?You can hurt or injure a part of the body in an accident. Hurt emphasizes the physical pain caused; injure emphasizes that the part of the body has been damaged in some way.bruise to make a blue, brown or purple mark (= a bruise) appear on the skin after somebody has fallen or been hit; to develop a bruisesprain to injure part of your body, especially your ankle, wrist or knee, by suddenly bending it in an awkward way, causing pain and swellingpull to damage a muscle, etc, by using too much forcestrain to injure yourself or part of your body by making it work too hard:Don’t strain your eyes by reading in poor light.Patterns to injure/​hurt/​strain yourself to injure/​hurt/​sprain/​pull/​strain a muscle to injure/​hurt/​sprain your ankle/​foot/​knee/​wrist/​hand to injure/​hurt/​strain your back/​shoulder/​eyes to injure/​hurt your spine/​neck to be badly/​severely/​slightly injured/​wounded/​hurt/​bruised/​sprained See related entries: Injuries, Skin
  2. 2a mark on a fruit or vegetable where it is damaged
  3. Word OriginOld English brȳsan ‘crush or injure with a blow’, reinforced in Middle English by Old French bruisier ‘break’.Extra examples Minor bruises can be treated at home. She suffered only minor cuts and bruises. He had a huge bruise over his eye. His legs were covered in bruises. She was treated for minor cuts and bruises. covered with bruises
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