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    BrE BrE//ˈbɪldɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈbɪldɪŋ//
    Buildings, Structures
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  1. 1  [countable] a structure such as a house or school that has a roof and walls tall/old/historic buildings Synonymsbuildingproperty premises complex structure blockThese are all words for a structure such as a house, office block or factory that has a roof and four wallsbuilding a structure such as a house, an office block or a factory that has a roof and four walls.property a building or buildings and the surrounding land; land and buildings:We have a buyer who would like to view the property. The price of property has risen enormously. This word is often used when talking about buying/​selling houses or other buildings and land.premises [pl.] the building or buildings and surrounding land that a business owns or uses:The company is looking for larger premises.complex a group of buildings of a similar type together in one place:a leisure complexstructure a thing that is made of several parts, especially a building:The pier is a wooden structure.block (British English) a tall building that contains flats or offices; a building that forms part of a school, hospital, etc. and is used for a particular purpose:a block of flats the school’s science blockPatterns a(n) commercial/​industrial/​residential building/​property/​premises/​complex/​block an apartment building/​complex/​block a/​the school building/​premises to build a property/​complex/​structure/​block to put up a building/​property/​structure/​block to demolish/​pull down a building/​property/​complex/​structure/​block CollocationsDecorating and home improvementHouses refurbish/​renovate/ (British English) do up a building/​a house convert a building/​house/​room into homes/​offices/(especially North American English) apartments/(British English) flats extend/​enlarge a house/​building/​room/​kitchen build (British English) an extension (to the back/​rear of a house)/(North American English) an addition (on/​to something)/(British English) a conservatory knock down/​demolish a house/​home/​building/​wall knock out/​through the wall separating two roomsDecoration furnish/​paint/ (especially British English) decorate a home/​house/​apartment/​flat/​room be decorated in bright colours/(especially US English) colors/​in a traditional style/​with flowers/​with paintings paint/​plaster the walls/​ceiling hang/​put up/​strip off/​remove the wallpaper install/​replace/​remove the bathroom fixtures/(British English) fittings build/​put up shelves lay wooden flooring/​timber decking/​floor tiles/​a carpet/​a patio put up/​hang/​take down a picture/​painting/​poster/​curtainDIY/​home improvement do (British English) DIY/​carpentry/​the plumbing/​the wiring make home improvements add/​install central heating/​underfloor heating/​insulation fit/​install double-glazing/​a smoke alarm insulate your house/​your home/​the walls/​the pipes/​the tanks/(especially British English) the loft fix/​repair a roof/​a leak/​a pipe/​the plumbing/​a leaking (especially British English) tap/(usually North American English) faucet block/​clog (up)/unblock/​unclog a pipe/​sink make/​drill/​fill a hole hammer (in)/pull out/​remove a nail tighten/​untighten/​loosen/​remove a screw saw/​cut/​treat/​stain/​varnish/​paint wood See related entries: Buildings, Structures
  2. 2  [uncountable] the process and work of building the building of the school There's building work going on next door. the building trade building materials/costs/regulations see also team building See related entries: Structures
  3. Extra examples Both architects specialize in the restoration of historic buildings. Housing is limited and most people live in high-rise apartment buildings. In 2008 the building was converted into a house. Several new buildings are now being put up. The building was gutted by fire. The opera house is one of the city’s landmark buildings. The prices of commercial and residential buildings increased by 13.4%. They were refused planning permission for a modern extension because it was a Grade II listed building. They’re renovating the old farm buildings. We’re having some building work done. a central square, where two buildings stand The Blue Mosque at Isfahan is the most beautiful building I have ever seen. There’s building work going on next door. a tall/​high-rise/​ten-storey building the building of the new stadium
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