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BrE BrE//ˈbʊlɪt//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈbʊlɪt//
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  • a small metal object that is fired from a gun bullet wounds There were bullet holes in the door. He was killed by a bullet in the head. see also magic bullet, plastic bullet, rubber bullet, silver bullet
  • Word Originearly 16th cent. (denoting a cannonball): from French boulet, boulette ‘small ball’, diminutive of boule, from Latin bulla ‘bubble’.Extra examples A stray bullet whistled past his ear. He got a bullet in the back. He was killed by a single bullet to the head. I would have taken a bullet for Jack. It is a bullet from the same gun that killed the Italian. She was shot through the head by a sniper’s bullet. Surgeons are trying to remove a bullet lodged near his spine. The body was riddled with bullets. The bullet missed his heart by less than an inch. The bullets ricocheted off the stones. The embassy was sprayed with bullets. The second bullet hit her in the back. They died in a hail of bullets. They had put a bullet through his brain. a technological silver bullet that will solve the global warming crisis faster than a machine gun can shoot bullets He was found to have a single bullet wound in his chest.Idioms (informal) to start to deal with an unpleasant or difficult situation which cannot be avoided I wasn’t happy with the way my career was going so I decided to bite the bullet and look for another job. From the custom of giving soldiers a bullet to bite on during a medical operation without anaesthetic.
    dodge a/the bullet, dodge bullets
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    (especially US English, informal) to only just avoid getting hurt in a dangerous situation South Texas dodged a bullet with no direct hit from Hurricane Emily.
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