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burst out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to speak suddenly, loudly and with strong feeling + speech ‘For heavens' sake!’ he burst out. related noun outburst Synonymscallcry out exclaim blurt burst outThese words all mean to shout or say something loudly or suddenly.call to shout or say something loudly to attract somebody’s attention:I thought I heard someone calling.cry out (something) to shout something loudly, especially when you need help or are in trouble:She cried out for help. I cried out his name.exclaim to say something suddenly and loudly, especially because of a strong emotion:‘It isn’t fair!’ he exclaimed angrily.blurt to say something suddenly and without thinking carefully enough:He blurted out the answer without thinking.burst out to say something suddenly and loudly, especially with a lot of emotion:‘He’s a bully!’ the little boy burst out.Patterns to call/​cry out/​exclaim/​blurt out (something) to somebody to call/​cry out for something to cry out/​exclaim in/​with something to call/​cry out/​exclaim/​blurt out/​burst out suddenly to call/​cry out/​exclaim/​burst out loudly
  2. 2  to begin doing something suddenly burst out doing something Karen burst out laughing.
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