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BrE BrE//kæmˈpeɪnə(r)//
; NAmE NAmE//kæmˈpeɪnər//
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a person who leads or takes part in a campaign, especially one for political or social change a leading human rights campaigner a campaigner on environmental issues a campaigner for women priests an old/veteran/seasoned campaigner (= a person with a lot of experience of a particular activity) (especially North American English) Obama campaigners (= people working for Obama in a campaign)Extra examples a prominent campaigner against drugs a veteran campaigner on behalf of the disabled an active campaigner for animal rights Bush campaigners were out in force. He has long been a campaigner for better communication between doctors and patients. He’s a veteran campaigner for animal welfare. In his youth he was a campaigner on environmental issues. She has been a tireless campaigner against education cuts. She’s a leading human rights campaigner. a seasoned/​veteran/​tireless/​vigorous campaigner a/​an peace/​human rights/​animal rights/​anti-war/​anti-nuclear/​pro-democracy/​environmental activist/​campaigner
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