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BrE BrE//ˌsiː ˈdiː//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌsiː ˈdiː//
(also disc) Producing music, Listening to music
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the abbreviation for compact disc (a small disc on which sound or information is recorded. CDs are played on a special machine called a CD player). His albums are available on CD and online. CollocationsMusicListening listen to/​enjoy/​love/​be into music/​classical music/​jazz/​pop/​hip-hop, etc. listen to the radio/​an MP3 player/​a CD put on/​play a CD/​a song/​some music turn down/​up the music/​radio/​volume/​bass go to a concert/​festival/​gig/​performance/​recital copy/​burn/​rip music/​a CD/​a DVD download music/​an album/​a song/​a demo/​a videoPlaying play a musical instrument/​the piano/​percussion/​a note/​a riff/​the melody/​a concerto/​a duet/​by ear sing an anthem/​a ballad/​a solo/​an aria/​the blues/​in a choir/​soprano/​alto/​tenor/​bass/​out of tune hum a tune/​a theme tune/​a lullaby accompany a singer/​choir strum a chord/​guitarPerforming form/​start/​get together/​join/​quit/​leave a band give a performance/​concert/​recital do a concert/​recital/​gig play a concert/​gig/​festival/​venue perform (British English) at/​in a concert/(especially North American English) a concert appear at a festival/​live go on/​embark on a (world) tourRecording write/​compose music/​a ballad/​a melody/​a tune/​a song/​a theme song/​an opera/​a symphony land/​get/​sign a record deal be signed to/​be dropped by a record company record/​release/​put out an album/​a single/​a CD be top of/​top the charts get to/​go straight to/​go straight in at/​enter the charts at number one See related entries: Producing music, Listening to musicExtra examples Do you mind if I change the CD? How many tracks are on the CD? She inserted a CD into the machine. That was the first album to come out on CD. The band’s new CD is released next week. You can record your own CD if you have the right equipment. a live CD of the band’s latest concert
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