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(British English) (US English check) noun
BrE BrE//tʃek//
; NAmE NAmE//tʃek//
Cost and payment
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a printed form that you can write on and sign as a way of paying for something instead of using money a cheque for £50 to write a cheque to make a cheque out to somebody to pay by cheque to cash a cheque (= to get or give money for a cheque) CollocationsFinanceIncome earn money/​cash/(informal) a fortune make money/​a fortune/(informal) a killing on the stock market acquire/​inherit/​amass wealth/​a fortune build up funds/​savings get/​receive/​leave (somebody) an inheritance/​a legacy live on a low wage/​a fixed income/​a pension get/​receive/​draw/​collect a pension depend/​be dependent on (British English) benefits/(North American English) welfare/​social securityExpenditure spend money/​your savings/(informal) a fortune on… invest/​put your savings in… throw away/​waste/ (informal) shell out money on… lose your money/​inheritance/​pension use up/ (informal) wipe out all your savings pay (in) cash use/​pay by a credit/​debit card pay by/​make out a/​write somebody a/​accept a (British English) cheque/(US English) check change/​exchange money/​currency/(British English) traveller’s cheques/(US English) traveler’s checks give/​pay/​leave (somebody) a depositBanks have/​hold/​open/​close/​freeze a bank account/​an account credit/​debit/​pay something into/​take money out of your account deposit money/​funds in your account withdraw money/​cash/£30 from an ATM, etc. (formal) make a deposit/​withdrawal find/​go to/​use (especially North American English) an ATM/(British English) a cash machine/​dispenser be in credit/​in debit/​in the black/​in the red/​overdrawnPersonal finance manage/​handle/​plan/​run/ (especially British English) sort out your finances plan/​manage/​work out/​stick to a budget offer/​extend credit (to somebody) arrange/​take out a loan/​an overdraft pay back/​repay money/​a loan/​a debt pay for something in (especially British English) instalments/(usually North American English) installmentsFinancial difficulties get into debt/​financial difficulties be short of/ (informal) be strapped for cash run out of/​owe money face/​get/ (informal) be landed with a bill for £… can’t afford the cost of…/payments/​rent fall behind with/ (especially North American English) fall behind on the mortgage/​repayments/​rent incur/​run up/​accumulate debts tackle/​reduce/​settle your debts see also blank cheque, traveller’s cheque See related entries: Cost and payment Word Originearly 18th cent. (originally denoting a counterfoil, or a form with a counterfoil): variant of check ‘to examine something for accuracy’, in the sense ‘device for checking the amount of an item’.Extra examples Can I write you a cheque? Cheques must be supported by a cheque guarantee card. Cheques should be made payable to Toyland plc. Does the restaurant accept cheques? He bounced three cheques last month. He drew a large cheque on his company’s account. He was fired for passing bad cheques. I need to go to the bank to pay this cheque in. I’ll cash a cheque at the bank. Shall I make the cheque out to you? She deposited the cheque in her husband’s account. The cheque will bounce if your salary doesn’t reach your account today. They presented a cheque for $500 000 to the Red Cross. a cheque for ten pounds
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