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BrE BrE//tʃɪn//
; NAmE NAmE//tʃɪn//
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  • the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck A strap fastens under the chin to keep the helmet in place. CollocationsPhysical appearance A person may be described as having:Eyes (bright) blue/​green/(dark/​light) brown/​hazel eyes deep-set/​sunken/​bulging/​protruding eyes small/​beady/​sparkling/​twinkling/(informal) shifty eyes piercing/​penetrating/​steely eyes bloodshot/​watery/​puffy eyes bushy/​thick/​dark/​raised/​arched eyebrows long/​dark/​thick/​curly/​false eyelashes/​lashesFace a flat/​bulbous/​pointed/​sharp/​snub nose a straight/​a hooked/​a Roman/(formal) an aquiline nose full/​thick/​thin/​pouty lips dry/​chapped/​cracked lips flushed/​rosy/​red/​ruddy/​pale cheeks soft/​chubby/​sunken cheeks white/​perfect/​crooked/​protruding teeth a large/​high/​broad/​wide/​sloping forehead a strong/​weak/​pointed/​double chin a long/​full/​bushy/​wispy/​goatee beard a long/​thin/​bushy/​droopy/​handlebar/​pencil moustache/ (especially US English) mustacheHair and skin pale/​fair/​olive/​dark/​tanned skin dry/​oily/​smooth/​rough/​leathery/​wrinkled skin a dark/​pale/​light/​sallow/​ruddy/​olive/​swarthy/​clear complexion deep/​fine/​little/​facial wrinkles blonde/​blond/​fair/(light/​dark) brown/(jet-)black/​auburn/​red/(British English) ginger/​grey hair straight/​curly/​wavy/​frizzy/​spiky hair thick/​thin/​fine/​bushy/​thinning hair dyed/​bleached/​soft/​silky/​dry/​greasy/​shiny hair long/​short/​shoulder-length/​cropped hair a bald/​balding/​shaved head a receding hairline a bald patch/​spot a side/​centre/(US English) center (British English) parting/ (North American English) partBody a long/​short/​thick/​slender/(disapproving) scrawny neck broad/​narrow/​sloping/​rounded/​hunched shoulders a bare/​broad/​muscular/​small/​large chest a flat/​swollen/​bulging stomach a small/​tiny/​narrow/​slim/​slender/28-inch waist big/​wide/​narrow/​slim hips a straight/​bent/​arched/​broad/​hairy back thin/​slender/​muscular arms big/​large/​small/​manicured/​calloused/​gloved hands long/​short/​fat/​slender/​delicate/​bony fingers long/​muscular/​hairy/​shapely/(both informal, often disapproving) skinny/​spindly legs muscular/​chubby/(informal, disapproving) flabby thighs big/​little/​small/​dainty/​wide/​narrow/​bare feet a good/​a slim/​a slender/​an hourglass figure be of slim/​medium/​average/​large/​athletic/​stocky build see also double chin See related entries: Face
  • Word OriginOld English cin, cinn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin gena ‘cheek’ and Greek genus ‘jaw’.Extra examples He cupped her chin with his hand. He had bits of food on his chin. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. Her chin was resting on his shoulder. His chin quivered and a tear ran down his cheek. His chin rose in a proud gesture. Maria jutted her chin defiantly. She caught him with a hard blow on the chin. She sat resting her chin on her hands. She sat with her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her cupped hands. She tilted her chin at him defiantly. Slowly lower the bar to around chin level. The juice dribbled down his chin.Idioms (informal) used to tell somebody to try to stay cheerful even though they are in a difficult or unpleasant situation Chin up! Only two exams left.
    chuck somebody under the chin
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    (old-fashioned) to touch somebody gently under the chin in a friendly way
      take something on the chin (informal)
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    1. 1to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation without complaining, trying to make excuses, etc. In this business, you have to learn to take criticism on the chin.
    2. 2(North American English) to be damaged or badly affected by something Stockholders took it on the chin yesterday as markets fell sharply.
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