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    BrE BrE//tʃɔɪs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//tʃɔɪs//
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  1. 1  [countable] choice (between A and B) an act of choosing between two or more possibilities; something that you can choose women forced to make a choice between family and career We are faced with a difficult choice. We aim to help students make more informed career choices. Resources are finite, and choices have to be made between competing priorities and needs. There is a wide range of choices open to you. Synonymsoptionchoice alternative possibilityThese are all words for something that you choose to do in a particular situation.option something that you can choose to have or do; the freedom to choose what you do:As I see it, we have two options… Students have the option of studying abroad in their second year. Option is also the word used in computing for one of the choices you can make when using a computer program:Choose the ‘Cut’ option from the Edit menu.choice the freedom to choose what you do; something that you can choose to have or do:If I had the choice, I would stop working tomorrow. There is a wide range of choices open to you.alternative something that you can choose to have or do out of two or more possibilities:You can be paid in cash weekly or by cheque monthly: those are the two alternatives.option, choice or alternative?Choice is slightly less formal than option and alternative is slightly more formal. Choice is most often used for ‘the freedom to choose’, although you can sometimes also use option (but not usually alternative):If I had the choice/​option, I would… If I had the alternative, I would… parental choice in education parental option/​alternative in education. Things that you can choose are options, choices or alternatives. However, alternative is more frequently used to talk about choosing between two things rather than several.possibility one of the different things that you can do in a particular situation:We need to explore a wide range of possibilities. The possibilities are endless. Possibility can be used in a similar way to option, choice and alternative, but the emphasis here is less on the need to make a choice, and more on what is available.Patterns with/​without the option/​choice/​possibility of something a(n) good/​acceptable/​reasonable/​possible option/​choice/​alternative the only option/​choice/​alternative/​possibility open to somebody to have a/​an/​the option/​choice of doing something to have no option/​choice/​alternative but to do something a number/​range of options/​choices/​alternatives/​possibilities Express YourselfGiving reasons, justifying a choiceIn various exams, you are asked to make a choice and give reasons for it. In conversation or in a meeting, you need to explain and justify your decisions: There are two main reasons why I think it’s the best option: first, there's the cost and second, the quality. I think/​believe it's the right thing to do because it gives everyone a fair chance. I would choose the newer one on the grounds that it will last longer. Of the three houses, the largest one seems to me to be the best, because they need the room. My choice would be number 3, simply because it's the clearest design.
  2. 2  [uncountable, singular] the right to choose or the possibility of choosing If I had the choice, I would stop working tomorrow. He had no choice but to leave (= this was the only thing he could do). She's going to do it. She doesn't have much choice, really, does she? This government is committed to extending parental choice in education. After a delicious meal with free wine, the choice is yours: a quiet drink in the bar, the late night disco or a stroll along the beach beneath a starry sky. Sandy had to tell his tale in halting Italian. Since Franco spoke no English, he had no choice in the matter.
  3. 3  [countable] a person or thing that is chosen She's the obvious choice for the job. Hawaii remains a popular choice for winter vacation travel. This colour wasn't my first choice. She wouldn't be my choice as manager. I don’t like his choice of friends (= the people he chooses as his friends). Synonymschoicefavourite preference selection pickThese are all words for a person or thing that is chosen, or that is liked more than others.choice a person or thing that is chosen:She’s the obvious choice for the job.favourite/​favorite a person or thing that you like more than the others of the same type:Which one’s your favourite?preference a thing that is liked better or best:Tastes and preferences vary from individual to individual.favourite or preference?Your favourites are the things you like best, and that you have, do, listen to, etc. often; your preferences are the things that you would rather have or do if you can choose.selection a number of people or things that have been chosen from a larger group:A selection of reader’s comments are published below.pick (rather informal) a person or thing that is chosen:She was his pick for best actress.Patterns somebody’s choice/​favourite/​pick for something somebody’s choice/​selection/​pick as something an obvious choice/​favourite/​selection a(n) excellent/​good/​popular/​fine choice/​selection
  4. 4  [singular, uncountable] the number or range of different things from which to choose The menu has a good choice of desserts. There wasn't much choice of colour. see also Hobson’s choice, multiple-choice
  5. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French chois, from choisir ‘choose’, of Germanic origin and related to choose.Extra examples Bill is the obvious choice for captain of the team. Doctors have to make moral choices every day of their lives. Everyone in a democracy has the right to exercise choice. First prize will be a meal for two at a restaurant of your choice. He had no choice about that. I don’t think much of her choice of outfit. I had no choice but to cancel my holiday. I now had a clear choice: either I accept their terms or I leave. I think she’s a very good choice for captain. I wouldn’t have come to this bar by choice! In the end, the choice was quite easy. It was a happy choice of venue Maria defended her choice of name for the child. Mary is a popular choice as chair of the committee. Much ill health is the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Our first choice for a holiday is the north of Scotland. Our first choice for a site was already taken. People were asked about their top choices for meeting locations. She faced the stark choice of backing the new plan or losing her job. She has a choice between three different universities. She questioned the choice of Murphy for this role. She was starting to regret her choice. Smoking may limit your choice of contraception. Students have a free choice from a range of subjects. The hotel is the preferred choice for business people. The shop has a very limited choice of ties. The way he behaved meant that we had no choice in the matter. These are personal choices that people must make for themselves. We gave her the choice, and she decided she’d like a bike for her birthday. We offer a choice of ten different destinations. When did you make a conscious choice to become an artist? You can have first choice of all the rooms. Your decision leaves me with no choice but to resign. Your needs should dictate your choice. a careful choice of words a limited range of choices available to buyers a range of available choices a test with multiple choice questions to extend parental choice as to which schools children should attend to make choices about their future I don’t like his choice of friends. Many women are forced to make a choice between family and career. She wouldn’t be my choice as manager. She’s going to do it. She doesn’t have much choice, really, does she? She’s the obvious choice for the job. The choice is yours : a quiet drink in the bar, the late night disco or a stroll along the beach. There wasn’t much choice of colour. This colour wasn’t my first choice.Idioms (British English) to have such a lot of things to choose from that it is very difficult to make a decision because you have chosen I wouldn't go there by choice.
    of choice (for somebody/something)
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    (used after a noun) that is chosen by a particular group of people or for a particular purpose It's the software of choice for business use.
    that you choose yourself First prize will be a meal for two at the restaurant of your choice.
    you pays your money and you takes your choice
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    (informal, especially British English) used for saying that there is very little difference between two or more things that you can choose
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