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    BrE BrE//ˌklæsɪfɪˈkeɪʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌklæsɪfɪˈkeɪʃn//
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  1. 1[uncountable] the act or process of putting people or things into a group or class (= of classifying them) a style of music that defies classification (= is like no other)
  2. 2[countable] a group, class, division, etc. into which somebody or something is put
  3. 3[uncountable] (biology) the act of putting animals, plants, etc. into groups, classes or divisions according to their characteristics The classification of bony fish is extremely complicated. Wordfinderbreed, class, classification, genus, hybrid, kingdom, order, phylum, species, taxonomy
  4. 4[countable] (specialist) a system of arranging books, tapes, magazines, etc. in a library into groups according to their subject
  5. Extra examples a document with the security classification ‘confidential’ a style of dancing that defies classification the broad classification of music into classical and pop Many fairly common human behaviours can fall under the general classification of ‘mental illness’. The classification ‘science’ covers a great many different subjects. The material was put into the highest security classification.
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