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clean up

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Waste and pollution
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Phrasal Verbs
(informal) to win or make a lot of money This film should clean up at the box offices.
 (informal) to make yourself clean, usually by washing I need to change and clean up. Go and clean yourself up. You'd better get cleaned up. related noun clean-up

clean up


clean somethingup

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to remove dirt, etc. from somewhere He always expected other people to clean up after him (= when he had made the place dirty or untidy). Who's going to clean up this mess? to clean up beaches after an oil spillage a commitment to clean up the environment It took me the rest of the day to clean (the place) up. related noun clean-up See related entries: Waste and pollution
to remove crime and immoral behaviour from a place or an activity The new mayor is determined to clean up the city. Soccer needs to clean up its image. related noun clean-up
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