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    BrE BrE//ˈklɪərəns//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈklɪrəns//
    Soccer, Plane travel, Airports
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  1. 1[countable, uncountable] the removal of things that are not wanted forest clearances slum clearance (= the removal of houses that are in very bad condition in an area of a town) Landscape gardeners have begun a clearance of the overgrown ground to make way for a new park. a clearance sale (= in a shop/store, when goods are sold cheaply to get rid of them quickly)
  2. 2[uncountable, countable] the amount of space or distance that is needed between two objects so that they do not touch each other There is not much clearance for vehicles passing under this bridge. a clearance of one metre
  3. 3[uncountable, countable] official permission that is given to somebody before they can work somewhere, have particular information, or do something they want to do I'm waiting for clearance from headquarters. All employees at the submarine base require security clearance.
  4. 4[uncountable] official permission for a person or vehicle to enter or leave an airport or a country The pilot was waiting for clearance for take-off. How long will customs clearance take? See related entries: Plane travel, Airports
  5. 5[uncountable, countable] the process of a payment into a bank account being confirmed by the bank, so the money is available for you to use Clearance will take seven days.
  6. 6[countable] a clearance in football (soccer ) and some other sports is when a player kicks or hits the ball away from the goal of his or her own team See related entries: Soccer
  7. Extra examples Always give cyclists plenty of clearance. Make sure you allow enough clearance on each side. The pilot was granted clearance to land. There wasn’t enough clearance between the bus and the top of the bridge. These coats are on clearance. We need to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance. You’ll need to get security clearance for this job. clearance above the light to prevent overheating Allow a minimum of six weeks to obtain the necessary clearances. Formal clearance by the Cabinet has not been given. It is safest to seek advance clearance from the tax office. Leave a clearance of at least 10 cm to allow the heat to escape. She had to be vetted for security clearance before she was appointed. The air traffic control clearance specified an altitude that must be maintained. The aircraft received clearance to taxi out for take-off. The goods were still at the airport waiting for customs clearance. There is not enough clearance for vehicles passing under the bridge. You should not have crossed the border without diplomatic clearance.
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