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BrE BrE//klɪf//
; NAmE NAmE//klɪf//
Coastlines and the sea
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  • a high area of rock with a very steep side, often at the edge of the sea or ocean the cliff edge/top the chalk cliffs of southern England a castle perched high on the cliffs above the river We set off along the cliff path. Wordfinderbeach, cliff, coast, dune, headland, inlet, promontory, sea, shore, tide See related entries: Coastlines and the sea
  • Word OriginOld English clif, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch klif.Extra examples Steep cliffs towered above the river. The cliffs fall away to the north. The hotel was perched high on a cliff overlooking the ocean. a long line of cliffs surrounding the bay crumbling cliffsIdioms to decrease quickly and suddenly in quantity or quality Sales fell off a cliff in the first quarter of the year.
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