Definition of climb verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; klaɪm

go up

1 [transitive, intransitive] climb (up) (something) to go up something towards the topto climb a mountain/hill/tree/wallShe climbed up the stairs.The car slowly climbed the hill.As they climbed higher, the air became cooler.

go through/down/over

2 [intransitive] + adverb/preposition to move somewhere, especially with difficulty or effortI climbed through the window.Sue climbed into bed.Can you climb down?The boys climbed over the wall.

mountain/rock, etc.

3 go climbing to go up mountains or climb rocks as a hobby or sportHe likes to go climbing most weekends.

aircraft/sun, etc.

4 [intransitive] to go higher in the skyThe plane climbed to 33000 feet.The sun climbed higher in the sky.

slope up

5 [intransitive] to slope upwardsFrom here the path climbs steeply to the summit.

of plants

6 [intransitive] to grow up a wall or framea climbing rose


7 [intransitive] (of temperature, a country's money, etc.) to increase in value or amountThe dollar has been climbing all week.The paper's circulation continues to climb.Membership is climbing steadily.

improve position/status

8 [intransitive] climb (to something) to move to a higher position or social rank by your own effortIn a few years he had climbed to the top of his profession.The team has now climbed to fourth in the league.
climb/jump on the bandwagon at bandwagon
Phrasal verbs

climb down (over something)

to admit that you have made a mistake or that you were wrongThe government was forced to climb down last night over its handling of pensions.
related noun climbdown