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BrE BrE//kləʊs//
; NAmE NAmE//kloʊs//
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  • (closer, closest) near; not far away They sat close together. Don't come too close! She held Tom close and pressed her cheek to his. I couldn't get close enough to see. A second police car followed close behind.
  • Idioms
    be close to/near the mark
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    to be fairly accurate in a guess, statement, etc. Such guesses are thought to be close to the mark. ‘The Times’ was nearer the mark when it said…
    near; in a place where somebody/something can be reached easily There are good cafes and a restaurant close at hand.
    close by (somebody/something)
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    at a short distance (from somebody/something) Our friends live close by. The route passes close by the town.
    almost; nearly She is close on sixty. It is close on midnight. a profit close to £200 million a situation in which somebody only just wins or loses, for example in a competition or an election Mr Taylor’s election defeat was a close-run thing. The invasion never happened but it was a close-run thing. in a position very near to something The picture looks very different when you see it close to.
    close up to somebody/something
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    very near in space to somebody/something She snuggled close up to him.
    come close (to something/to doing something)
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    to almost reach or do something He'd come close to death. We didn't win but we came close. The welfare state never came close to eliminating poverty.
    hold/keep/play your cards close to your chest
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    to keep your ideas, plans, etc. secret
    run somebody/something close
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    (British English) to be nearly as good, fast, successful, etc. as somebody/something else Germany ran Argentina very close in the final.
    to take a risk by doing something that is dangerous or that may be illegal
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