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come in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  when the tide comes in, it moves towards the land opposite go out
  2. 2  to finish a race in a particular position My horse came in last.
  3. 3  to become fashionable Long hair for men came in in the sixties. opposite go out
  4. 4  to become available We're still waiting for copies of the book to come in.
  5. 5  to have a part in something I understand the plan perfectly, but I can't see where I come in.
  6. 6  to arrive somewhere; to be received The train is coming in now. News is coming in of a serious plane crash in France. She has over a thousand pounds a month coming in from her investments.
  7. 7  to take part in a discussion Would you like to come in at this point, Susan?
  8. 8  (of a law or rule) to be introduced; to begin to be used
to become involved in something If you want to come in on the deal, you need to decide now.
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