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come on

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  (of an actor) to walk onto the stage
  2. 2  (of a player) to join a team during a game Owen came on for Brown ten minutes before the end of the game.
  3. 3  (informal) to improve or develop in the way you want The project is coming on fine.
  4. 4  used in orders to tell somebody to hurry or to try harder Come on! We don't have much time. Come on! Try once more.
  5. 5  used to show that you know what somebody has said is not correct Oh, come on—you know that isn't true!
  6. 6  (usually used in the progressive tenses) (of an illness or a mood) to begin I can feel a cold coming on. I think there's rain coming on. come on to do something It came on to rain.
  7. 7  (of a TV programme, etc.) to start What time does the news come on?
  8. 8  to begin to operate Set the oven to come on at six. When does the heating come on?

come on somebody


come on something


come upon somebody


come upon something

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[no passive] (formal) to meet or find somebody/something by chance
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