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come out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb The sun and the moon
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  when the sun, moon or stars come out, they appear The rain stopped and the sun came out. See related entries: The sun and the moon
  2. 2(of flowers) to open The daffodils came out early this year.
  3. 3  to be produced or published When is her new novel coming out?
  4. 4  (of news, the truth, etc.) to become known The full story came out at the trial. it comes out that… It came out that he'd been telling lies.
  5. 5if a photograph comes out, it is a clear picture when it is developed and printed Some of the photos from our trip didn't come out.
  6. 6to be shown clearly Her best qualities come out in a crisis.
  7. 7when words come out, they are spoken I tried to say ‘I love you,’ but the words wouldn't come out.
  8. 8to say publicly whether you agree or disagree with something He came out against the plan. In her speech, the senator came out in favour of a change in the law.
  9. 9(British English) to stop work and go on strike
  10. 10to no longer hide the fact that you are homosexual
  11. 11(of a young upper-class girl, especially in the past) to be formally introduced into society

    come out (of something)

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  1. 1  (of an object) to be removed from a place where it is fixed This nail won't come out.
  2. 2  (of dirt, a mark, etc.) to be removed from something by washing or cleaning These ink stains won't come out of my dress. Will the colour come out (= become faint or disappear) if I wash it?
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