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    BrE BrE//ˈkɒmɪk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkɑːmɪk//
    Describing a story
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  1. 1amusing and making you laugh a comic monologue/story The play is both comic and tragic. She can always be relied on to provide comic relief (= something to make you laugh) at a boring party. He wore a red nose and novelty glasses for comic effect. Synonymsfunnyamusing entertaining witty humorous comic hilariousThese words all describe somebody/​something that makes you laugh or smile.funny that makes you laugh:a funny story He was a very funny guy.amusing funny and enjoyable:It’s a very amusing game to play.entertaining amusing and interesting:It was a very entertaining evening.witty clever and amusing; able to say or write clever and amusing things:a witty remark a witty public speakerhumorous funny and entertaining; showing a sense of humour:a humorous look at the world of fashioncomic that makes you laugh:Many of the scenes in the book are richly comic.hilarious extremely funnyfunny, amusing, humorous or comic? Amusing is the most general of these words because it includes the idea of being enjoyable as well as making people laugh and can be used to describe events, activities and occasions:an amusing party/​game/​evening a funny/​humorous/​comic party/​game/​evening. Humorous is more about showing that you see the humour in a situation, than actually making people laugh out loud. Comic is used especially to talk about writing and drama or things that are funny in a deliberate and theatrical way. It is not used to describe people (except for comic writers). Funny can describe people, jokes and stories, things that happen, or anything that makes people laugh.Patterns a(n) funny/​amusing/​entertaining/​witty/​humorous/​comic story a(n) funny/​amusing/​entertaining/​witty/​humorous speech a(n) funny/​entertaining/​witty/​humorous/​comic writer a(n) funny/​amusing/​hilarious joke to find something funny/​amusing/​entertaining/​witty/​humorous/​hilarious
  2. 2[only before noun] connected with comedy (= entertainment that is funny and that makes people laugh) a comic opera a comic actor Woody Allen is a comic genius. Wordfindercomic, far-fetched, gripping, historical, mannered, moving, rambling, readable, story, tragic See related entries: Describing a story
  3. Word Originlate 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek kōmikos, from kōmos ‘revel’.Extra examples a blackly comic futuristic fantasy She can always be relied on to provide comic relief at a boring party. a very fine comic actor
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