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    BrE BrE//kəˈmjuːnl//
    , also BrE//ˈkɒmjənl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kəˈmjuːnl//
    Renting a home
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  1. 1shared by, or for the use of, a number of people, especially people who live together synonym shared a communal kitchen/garden, etc. As a student he tried communal living for a few years. See related entries: Renting a home
  2. 2involving different groups of people in a community communal violence between religious groups
  3. Word Originearly 19th cent. (in the sense ‘relating to a commune, especially the Paris Commune’): from French, from late Latin communalis, from communis ‘common’.Extra examples He led me down the corridor to the communal kitchen. The gardens surrounding the building were communal. Water is fetched daily from a communal tap in the centre of the village.
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